Deborah Young

About the Artist

DeborahUsually people want to know who an artist is and WHY they are passionate about creating art. My WHY informs the viewer that “LIFE GOES ON” regardless of what is happening around the world! I choose to believe that the majority of humanity is working towards two important goals in life: Joy and Love. My unique spirit strives to include Joy and Love in my art using nature and people as inspiration for my paintings, photography, and whimsical sculptures.

“LIFE GOES ON” inspires me to continue creating art providing YOU with a glimpse into my heart and soul as throughout my life I’ve searched for ways to look for positives in negative situations… You know, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”! My philosophy for this journey called life is found in these statements below and when I focus on them, life is a magical place!

Sun Rises Flowers Bloom Butterflies Fly

Birds Sing Trees Grow Water Soothes

Family Matters Friends Accept Pets Love

Rainbows Promise Sunsets


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