Marcia Jo Streithorst

About the Artist

The artistic works of Marcia Jo Streithorst.

My passion is inspiring the viewer's imagination. My love of photography combined with a new fascination for the tactile experience of encaustics gives my latest artworks a dreamlike quality evoking visions of fairy tale worlds that appear almost real, like dreams just beginning to take shape. With encaustic the surface can be smooth or heavily textured, but that surreal glow will always draw you in. It's what made me fall in love with beeswax painting!

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wright State University in 2003 and have worked in creative venues since that time. Since my move to NC I have become a member of the Wake Forest artist guild, had work shown during the Tour of Artist, SparkCon and my photo Spring rain was part of the In the Abstract show at the Kiernan Gallery.
You can e-mail me at or find me on Twitter at @mjsworks.




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