Tim Merrill

About the Artist

Tim was born in Cheyenne Wyoming and spent his entire childhood there in art classes and drawing as much of the lifestyle as possible. As he began to be known for his western cowboy art, he was given the only sole contract to produce artwork for the Cheyenne Frontier Days committee. This involved t-shirt designs, bandana creation for the CFD workforce, posters for the Old West Museum historic horse drawn wagon collection and multiple illustrations for various publications.

He and his family moved to Naples, Florida where he started drawing pencil portraits for individuals utilizing a lithograph, matte and framing system produced by the Genesis Company.

Work then brought him to Raleigh, NC more than 20 years ago. Since then he has done most of his work for family and friends, with some outside portrait work. Recently he took several charcoal classes and has begun using the methods he has learned in both his cowboy, nature, and portrait work.


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